Women, ages 18+

Why be involved?

Women on Mission® is a group through which women are discipled in matching their faith and lifestyle.

Women on Mission enables women to:

  • Recognize their status in Christ

  • Fulfill Christ’s missions purpose in their lives

  • Affirm God’s call both individually and corporately

  • Understand the local and global perspectives of the gospel

  • Commit to a missional lifestyle

Using skills, interests, and spiritual gifts in missions work will allow members to follow Christ’s command to “go and make disciples of all the nations.” Hobbies, interests, skills, and spiritual gifts can all be used in missions! A group that loves to garden may teach gardening skills to intercity (or low income) children and help them raise vegetables for their families. Flower gardeners can provide flowers for those in nursing homes, hospitals, or for the teachers at a local school to say "Thank You."  Some groups have found that using sewing skills can be beneficial as they make salvation dolls or stuffed animals for children in need or those facing a difficult time.  Women who like to read can form a reading club. Books about missions abound. Look for new ways to involve more of the women in your church in missions. Women on Mission offers lots of possibilities. 

Basic Resources for Women on Mission

Missions Mosaic is a must-have for women who desire a missional lifestyle. It provides ideas for hands-on missions projects, a devotional and prayer emphasis for missions and missionaries, missionary stories, and Bible study.

Women on Mission Leader is the resource to help someone facilitate a women’s group. It has monthly lesson plans, missions projects, and additional leader helps.  

If you have more than one Women on Mission group, you may have a planning team.  Click here for an example of a Women on Mission planning team.

Click here for a sheet that you can use to plan your Women on Mission meetings. Adapt it as needed for your group.

How can I start or grow a new group of Women on Mission?

Pray. Ask God to guide you to what the women in your church could be doing in missions.   

Survey women in your church to determine their skills and interests, then show them how their skills and interests can be used in missions. How can you get them to turn in the survey? Good question! Give a free gift to everyone that responds or have a drawing for a very nice gift for all those who return the survey.

If your church has never had a Women on Mission group, please visit our New Start Page because you could qualify for a discount.

Already have Women on Mission?

If your church already has Women on Mission and you need either leadership training or just some advice to help your group grow, feel free to give us a call, we have a consultant waiting to hear from you.

Develop is online leadership training! It is designed to help Women on Mission leaders (or soon-to-be leaders) help women to be radically involved in the mission of God.

Additional information can be found on the national Women on Mission website. 
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Adult Resources

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