Starting a new WMU organization in your church? Great!

Let’s go over a few things to help you as you begin.

As with everything we do, prayer is the most important element in starting new groups. Missions discipleship is primary to the Christian walk. It is in God’s mandate that we go and make disciples. So we begin by asking God what His plan is for us and our church and how He wants it to be carried out. Also pray about the right leadership and when is the right time to begin. When you have a peace about these things then you can begin.


Contact Donna Britt in the state WMU® office to share about your new start. If you are not sure what organization(s) you need she can help you to know the options and provide samples of the curriculum for you and your church to preview.


Visit the New to WMU page on the national WMU website. Fill out the form to get information for the organization(s) you are planning to start.


Talk with your pastor, church staff, and others who would be interested in missions discipleship. Share with them what you have learned about WMU’s holistic approach to missions discipleship and how there are options to involve the whole church in missions. You may want to share stories from The Missions Link and/or the Ten Compelling Reasons to be involved in missions.


Order curriculum, guides, and other items you will need to begin. See What Basic Resources Do I Need? to help you begin.


Enlist leadership and answer the primary questions of who, what, when and where your groups will take place. Send in the Leadership Card with your leaders names to the state and association offices so they can receive information. Find a time for your new leadership to receive training. Your state and association office can assist you.


It is time to begin! Make sure SC WMU has your church’s name so we can add you to our list of New Starts! See below for all of our recent New Starts.

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