Young Women, ages 18-34

Anyone can be a part of myMISSIONSM--the college student, the young professional, the young mom, and the girl next door. This organization helps young women explore their faith and learn to live it out wherever they are.

myMISSION is for young women ages 18 to 34. myMISSION groups encourage young women to:

  • Grow spiritually in missions discipleship

  • Be involved in mission action and witnessing

  • Reach out to share Christ in their communities

  • Pray for missionaries and those who need to know Christ

  • Give of their resources for God’s mission work

  • Learn about missions at home, in South Carolina, North America, and around the world

The purpose of myMISSION is to provide individuals and churches with the tools and resources needed to learn about the Biblical basis of missions, to find ways to support our missionaries at home and overseas, and to involve people in the cause of Christian missions. myMISSION is about studying God’s Word, serving the world, and making disciples.

Resources for myMISSION

Missions Mosaic is a must have for young women who desire a missional lifestyle. It provides ideas for hands-on missions projects, a devotional and prayer emphasis for missions and missionaries, missionary stories, and Bible study.

myMISSION Leader is a downloadable guide to help leaders take relevant articles in Missions Mosaic and apply them to the lives of younger women in small groups. It includes three meeting plans, missions project ideas and missionary prayer prompts. 

Need help planning your monthly myMISSION meeting?  Click here for a sheet to consider when planning.  Adapt it as needed for your meeting. Need more ideas? Check out our myMISSION group ideas sheet.

How can I start or grow a myMISSION group?

Survey women in your church to determine their skills and interests, then show them how their skills and interests can be used in missions. How can you get them to turn in the survey? Good question! Give a free gift to everyone that responds or have a drawing for a very nice gift for all those who return the survey.

If your church has never had a myMISSION group, please visit our New Start Page because you could qualify for a discount on some materials.

Already have myMISSION?

If your church already has myMISSION and you need either leadership training or just some advice to help your group grow, feel free to give us a call, we have a consultant waiting to hear from you.

Develop is national WMU's online leadership training! It is designed to help leaders (or soon-to-be leaders) assist people to be radically involved in the mission of God.

Information for leaders is available on the national myMISSION website. 
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Adult Resources

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