Preschool children, Birth-Age 5

Mission Friends® is the WMU preschool missions organization for babies through kindergarten. Mission Friends seeks to engage preschoolers in missions awareness and involvement. Preschoolers also begin to understand the missions concepts of praying, giving, and doing missions and that everyone in the world needs to know about God’s love.

The objectives for Missions Friends are the same as the church WMU objectives to the extent that they are appropriate for preschoolers: pray for missions, engage in missions, learn about missions, support missions, develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle, and participate in the work of the church and denomination.

Mission Friends can meet anytime or anywhere, provided there is a caregiver present. The number of Mission Friends classes will depend on the leadership of the church and the number of preschoolers in the church.

To learn more about Mission Friends view this presentation.
Additional information can be found on the national Mission Friends website.

Families on Mission is a part of Mission Friends. Each month in Mission Friends Leader, you will find one page devoted to Families on Mission. In addition to that page, you can also find ideas for Families on Mission each month on this calendar. Please click here for more ideas.


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