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Growth is vital to WMU because the task to reach the world for Christ
is even more critical than ever before. 

Our mandate is “making disciples of Jesus who live on mission.”
WMU is biblically-rooted, missions-focused, church-based, world-aware,
and denominationally-supportive. 

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What can you do to help people grow in their missions discipleship?

  • Encourage those who are not involved in missions discipleship to join you for your next missions experience.

  • Look for new members to add to your group. This is enlistment. It is an invitation from one friend to another. It is from one church member to a new church member or prospect. It is inviting those who are in our midst but not part of missions discipleship. As WMU members and leaders, we need to remember that part of our responsibility is to enlist people so that more people are discipled to involvement in the Great Commission.

  • Help your church to grow in missions. Do you have an organization for every age group, preschoolers through adults? Are the groups large?  Do they need to divide so more people can attend? Are there people who don’t have a group in which they “fit?” If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you need to start a group.

  • Share your testimony about the difference missions makes in your life and in the lives of others.

  • Share what the Bible says about missions. (Find digital resource here.)

  • Invite all levels to approach missions in the style that is best for them. Just as the preschoolers and youth don’t learn the same way, adults learn differently too, and missions will be different for our younger myMISSION groups and our Women on Mission groups. What works for one Women on Mission or myMISSION group may not work for all.

Help people to become active in missions!
Remember that more people involved in missions discipleship
means more people to share about God’s love, His grace, and His mercy!

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