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Did you enjoy playing Connect the Dots when you were young - guessing what the picture would be as you went from 1 to 2 to 3……?

How can you help people Connect the Dots to missions? The new growth emphasis has an acronym (a plan) to help you get more people involved in missions by using the word DOTS.

D – Discover new members

O – Organize groups

T – Teach churches

S – Spotlight entry points

Discover new members by encouraging those who are not involved in missions discipleship to join you for your next missions experience. Continue to look for new members to add to your group. This is enlistment. It is the basic “Y’all come.” But it is not just a Sunday morning announcement. It is an invitation from one friend to another. It is from one church member to a new church member or prospect. It is those who are in our midst but not part of on-going missions discipleship. As WMU members and leaders, we need to remember that part of our responsibility is to enlist more people to be involved in the Great Commission.

Organize groups. Always look for what can help your church to grow in missions. Do you have an organization for every age-level—preschoolers through adults? Are the groups large, do they need to divide so more people can attend? Are there people who don’t have a group with which they “fit?” If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you need to start a group!

Teach churches is about helping churches that do not have any missions discipleship to see how WMU can benefit their church by working together. Do you have a church nearby that is not involved in missions? Invite them to participate with you in a missions project. Share a testimony of the difference missions makes in your life and in the life of your church. You may need to help them understand what the Bible says about missions and how WMU helps Christians to be radically involved in the mission of God. They may need to see how missions involvement will help their church follow God’s mission plan.

Spotlight entry points can help churches see that WMU is more than “just meetings.” Here are a few examples: a WorldCrafts party, a “We’re Here for You” missions project in your church or association, an associational myMISSION (or Acteens) group with a group of churches that do not have many of that age group, or any number of ways to get people interested and then involved in missions discipleship. Help people to become active in missions! Remember that more people involved in missions discipleship means more people to share about God’s love, His grace, and His mercy! 

Help people in your church Connect the Dots to missions!

For more information from national WMU, visit their website.

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