Mission Action Booklet

Formerly known as "We're Here for You"

People don't care how much you know,
until they know how much you care.
Let people in your community know that you care and
that you are there for them!

Create your own We're Here for You! 

For many years, churches across South Carolina were encouraged to participate in mission action activities, events, or projects on a Saturday in November of each year. Because of the amazing participation this intentional outreach has had over the years, we now know that We're Here for You has served it's purpose! Our churches have gathered their resources and people, fervantly prayed over these events, and taken the challenge to engage their community silmultaneously across our state one day a year. We have been so encouraged by the stories we've had the pleasure of hearing over the years!

Keep We're Here for You alive by challenging your church to continue this tradition. Individiuals of all ages are encouraged to participate in We're Here for You. While it is not recommended that preschoolers directly participate in activities on that day, they can prepare items to be given out. We have prepared a list of ideas for preschoolers, children, students, and adults. You may also contact your director of missions or your associational WMU director. They have some great ideas to share with you and might have a group project planned in which you could participate. For a list of ideas, refer to the Mission Action Project Booklet.