South Carolina WMU teams together with South Carolina Foster Parents Association in order to provide duffel bags and Bibles for new foster children in our state. 

A total of $7,352.49 was received in 2018 for duffel bags and Bibles. These funds have helped to purchase 735 duffel bags. Each year, South Carolina WMU provides funds that make it possible to provide duffel bags and Bibles are given to all children who are registered in the foster system in South Carolina. We are thankful for your continued support of this ministry and the lives which are impacted for the Kingdom.

TESTIMONIAL: Alex Whitlock, Acteens leader, Pelham First Baptist Church contacted South Carolina WMU to share this: "I heard about the Duffel Bags and Bibles for Foster Children missions opportunity at a recent WMU conference I attended. I brought several missions opportunities to our Acteens meeting and our girls chose this project. We are excited to partner with you in providing duffel bags and Bibles to foster kids."

GRATITUDE EXPRESSED: Karl Brown, president, South Carolina Foster Parents Association, frequently calls South Carolina WMU to express his gratitude for our involvement in this project. He shared that never in his time of service has the need for foster placement been greater. These duffel bags and Bibles send a message of hope to the hundreds of foster children waiting for a place to call home.

You may participate in this project in one of two ways:

Monetary Contributions

Contributions may be sent to South Carolina WMU for bulk purchase of duffel bags and Bibles. Checks should be made payable to South Carolina Woman’s Missionary Union (or SC WMU) and mailed to: Duffel Bags & Bibles Project, South Carolina WMU, 190 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29210-8239

Purchased Contributions

Purchase duffel bags and Bibles and deliver them to the nearest county Foster Parent contact.  A list of these contacts can be found here

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