WMU® wants everyone in the church to be involved in missions.

One approach to doing just that is called churchwide. It can be the whole basis of WMU in the church or may be combined with ongoing missions discipleship of one or more age-level groups.

Churchwide includes things like involving all church members in praying and giving to the special missions offerings, learning about the Cooperative Program and how it continually supports missions here and around the world, and learning about missions and participating in reaching out to the local community to meet needs and share Jesus.

A great starting point for current information and links to resources is at the national WMU website. Resources are available to assist you, click here.

Families on Mission® is a churchwide approach to missions. It helps the family to be involved in missions as a unit so that parents can model for their children the importance of missions discipleship and how to carry out missions in their day to day lives. For ideas for Families on Mission visit the national WMU site here.



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