Christmas Backpacks for 2019

South Carolina WMU is partnering with Appalachian Mountain Ministry to provide Christmas backpacks for children and teens. South Carolina Baptists are challenged to provide backpacks for distribution at evangelistic events between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Learn About the Ministry

Appalachian Mountain Ministry uses Christmas backpacks as a tangible expression of Christ's love for each child and teen as they do outreach events in various communities.

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Engage Your Church

Share with your church what Christmas backpacks accomplish and how they can impact children and teens in the Appalachian area. Create a plan to accomplish goals you set for your group.

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Shop & Gather Items

Look through the various gift suggestions to decide which items to include. Prior to shopping, be sure to select the gender and age.

* * * NEW THIS YEAR * * *

  • Backpacks will NOT be collected at the South Carolina Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in November.

  • Backpacks will be collected through the five South Carolina WMU regions. See the link above for a regional map of South Carolina.

  • Registration will also be handled by regions.

  • Each region will have a Backpack Champion who is responsible for details related to that region. See the link above for the information on the champions.

* * * Drop Off Dates & Locations * * *

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