Boys, Grades 7-12

Challengers® is a missions organization for teen boys in grades 7-12. Through Challengers, young men have opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and others. Challengers learn how to make missions a lifestyle as they serve others and plan and participate in missions activities.

Basic Resources for Challengers

Challengers Leader - Leaders will find a year’s worth of plans to help young men develop a heart for missions. Each of the 12 units includes a missions Bible study, a group learning activity, a missions project idea, a cultural experience, and a missionary feature.

How to Start a Challengers Group

• Talk with leadership and adults in your church who might be interested in leading or assisting with a Challengers group. Discuss what Challengers would look like in your church and who may be able to assist in leadership.
• Leaders should design their Challengers program around the needs of their group. Challengers have the freedom to meet weekly or monthly whichever is best for the group.  Challengers members are encouraged to lead group meetings alongside adult leaders.  
• Talk with the teenagers in your church for ideas of how to build excitement for a new group and the best way to get started.  
• Schedule a time for your first Challengers meeting.
• Order copies of Challengers Leader for each leader. Copies can be ordered here.
• Attend associational, state, and national training sessions.

Opportunities for Challengers

  • Training resources are available for preparing Challengers for missions trips.
  • Additional information can be found on the national Challengers website.

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