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Christmas Backpacks

  • Shandon Baptist Church 5250 Forest Drive Columbia, SC, 29206 United States (map)

Thank you for helping provide over 1400 backpacks to the Appalachia region with the message of the Gospel

South Carolina Baptists are challenged to provide backpacks for distribution at evangelistic events in Appalachia between Thanksgiving and Christmas. South Carolina WMU is partnering with Appalachian Regional Ministries to provide Christmas backpacks for children and youth in Appalachia. 

Between Monday, November 6 and Wednesday, November 8, over 1400 backpacks were collected at the 2017 South Carolina Baptist Convention meeting held at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia


Begin collecting for next year!



  1. Read flyer to understand more about this ministry.
  2. Print the Leader Instructions and Gift Suggestions to use as a shopping list as you prepare each backpack. Use this sheet to help you decide on how many backpacks your church/group would like to prepare.
  3. Share with and challenge your church/group to participate in this ministry by printing and distributing the bulletin insert. Be sure to include the goal your church has set for the number of backpacks you wish to donate.
  4. Go shopping for the items included on the Leader Instructions and Gift Suggestions sheet, keeping in mind the different age groups (3-5, 6-9, or 10-14) and whether you are packing for a boy or a girl. Include items from each category in your backpack. Please prepare each backpack as you would for your own child or grandchild, with new items, not used ones.
  5. Register your church/group and let us know how many backpacks of each gender/age you will be donating to Christmas Backpacks for Appalachia. Either mail in the printable registration form above, or complete the online registration form below. We are still receiving registrations for your Christmas backpacks! Be sure to register as soon as you have an estimate on how many backpacks your church will prepare. 
  6. Gather items to pack your backpacks. We ask that you enclose a copy of The Christmas Story in each bag as well as an enrollment card for the Appalachian Regional Ministry Mailbox Bible Club. The Mailbox Club is an ongoing correspondence discipleship program that has been very effective throughout Appalachia (these documents will be sent to you once you have registered your church below). Packing hint: The Bible, Christmas Story flyer, and Mailbox card seem to fit best in the front pocket of the backpack. 
  7. Label backpacks properly for easy distribution (print the Backpack Labels). Each backpack should be labeled with ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ and the appropriate age. Age group labels should be 3-5, 6-9 or 10-14. Labels should be on cardstock or index card and attached to the backpack in a secure manner. We suggest punching a hole in the card and using ribbon or twine to tie the tag on. Please do not try to use masking tape for this, as it will likely come off during transport.
  8. Delivery of backpacks to be announced for 2018. 

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