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September 11-18, 2016
State Goal: $1,850,000 


In John 21:17b, Peter passionately exclaims to Jesus, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus’ response to Peter is one of equal passion - “Feed My sheep.” Through the Janie Chapman State Missions Offering, we, as South Carolina Baptists have the opportunity to give and pray so that more may be “fed” – physically and spiritually, through a variety of ministries.

Placing aside the fact that Jesus commands us to love, serve, and care for others, we should be well motivated and inspired to pray more effectively and give more abundantly as we read and learn more about the ministries that are supported through the Janie Chapman State Missions Offering. The missions focus areas for 2016 are South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief, the Detroit Partnership, School Partnerships, and Church Planting.

The missions opportunities are here in our state. The ministries and the people leading and participating in the ministries are changing lives across the state of South Carolina. Human and physical resources can only continue to thrive if we, as South Carolina Baptists, do our part. What does it require? What do we have to do? Be obedient and respond, “Yes, Lord!”

Information on all of these focus areas and ministries can be found in the 2016 Season of Prayer for State Missions materials. Order forms for free resources: posters, prayer guides, Family Missions Page and Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions, Missions Education, and Great Commission Living envelopes were sent to WMU directors. The Season of Prayer DVD was mailed to pastors, ministry assistants and WMU leaders on the South Carolina WMU mailing list. In addition to state missions videos, the DVD contains printable copies of the Sermon Outline, Churchwide Observance, Children’s Sermons, Clip Art Sheet, Family Missions Page, South Carolina State Missions Facts, and allocations sheet.

Please click on the links below to download these materials that are provided for you. If you have difficulty with downloading the materials, please contact Melanie Becht at melaniebecht@scbaptist.org for assistance. 


1 Leaders Guide                      Allocations Sheet 
2a Prayer Guide - B & W    9a Clip Art Sheet - B & W
2b Prayer Guide - Color    9b Clip Art Sheet - Color                   
3 Sermon Outline 10 Clip Art Folder             
Churchwide Observance   11 History of Janie Chapman Offering 
Childrens Sermons  12 Poster PDF
6 Family Missions Page 13 Speakers Bureau List
South Carolina State Facts   

Clip Art 

2016 State Missions Logo - B & W
2016 State Missions Logo - Color
Permanent State Missions Logo
SC WMU Logo -- B & W
SC WMU Logo -- Color
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Janie Chapman Camp from Cinema Couture on Vimeo.


Janie Chapman SC Global Partnership Detroit from Cinema Couture on Vimeo.


Janie Chapman - Church Planting from Cinema Couture on Vimeo.


Janie Chapman - SC Schools from Cinema Couture on Vimeo.


BCM Flood Response from SC Baptist Convention on Vimeo.

All of the resources above to help you with state missions education are on the 2016 State Missions DVD, in the September-October 2016 Missions Link. Once you have received a DVD in the mail, to access the material:
     (1) Place it in your computer
     (2) Open Windows Explorer
     (3) Right click on your DVD drive to "Open"
     (4) Click on the Resources Folder
If you do not have a DVD drive on your computer, please contact Brittany Prahl in the WMU office to receive your material on CD-ROM.

If you have not ordered this calendar year's Season of Prayer Materials, click here to complete the order form. 

For assistance with or more information about Season of Prayer for State Missions, contact Brittany Prahl by email or phone - 803.227.6205 (in SC 800.723.7242, ext 8500).

Who is Janie Chapman?

"Janie Weston Chapman Autobiography" by Janie Chapman
"Awaken to Missions" by Mary Foster
"Un Despertar a Las Misiones" por Mary Foster
Photo of Janie Chapman



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