International Flags

South Carolina WMU has over 90 flags from all over the world that are available for use by South Carolina Baptist churches. Click here for a list of the flags we have available, and use them for your next service or celebration!


  • Flags are available for pick-up, Monday through Thursday, 9 AM-4 PM.
  • Flags are loaned out by the bag; if you need one flag in one bag, you will receive the entire bag of flags and poles as to not separate the flags.
  • Stands are provided separately, so please specify the total number of stands you will need based on the number flags you will be displaying.
  • Be aware that reserving all flags and all stands will require a large vehicle to transport— covered truck bed, van with no seats, large passenger van, etc.

For assistance with or more information about using the international flags, contact Brittany Prahl by email or phone - 803.227.6205 (in SC 800.723.7242, ext 8500).

To reserve the flags, fill out the form below.


International Flag Request

Enter the number of stands you will need to display the flags.

Enter the date (Monday-Thursday) you would like to pick-up the flags and stands requested.

Enter the date (Monday-Thursday) you would like to drop-off the flags and stands requested.

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