Clip Art/Logos

Below are South Carolina WMU specific logos.  For national WMU® logos, such as age-level organization logos, click here 

For assistance with or more information about clip art and logos, contact Brittany Prahl by email or phone - 803.227.6205 (in SC 800.723.7242, ext 8500).

To download/save any images below, simply click on the type of image you would like to save. The image will display in a new window. Right click on the image, and then click "Save As." Make sure to save the document in a file where you can locate it again. 

SC WMU Logo, no tagline, PNG


SC WMU Logo with Registered Trademark


SC WMU Spanish Slogan, JPEG


 Janie Chapman Logo JPEG

Permanent Janie Chapman Offering Logo

 Current Janie Chapman State Missions Offering Theme Logo




We're Here for You LOGO




CLV Butterfly JPEG


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