Church Leadership

As a church WMU® leader you will find information on this website to assist you in your work. There are some basic resources that you will need to help you learn about your responsibilities and how to do an outstanding job in WMU. Check this list of basic resources for your specific area of responsibility. These resources can be found at the WMU Store.

Training is vital for any position in WMU. To do our best effectively and efficiently we can learn from others. Therefore, South Carolina WMU offers church WMU leadership development events annually before the new church year begins. See the South Carolina WMU calendar for our next scheduled event.

Especially for WMU Directors:

WMU directors will need a copy of the WMU Missions Guide for Churches to see the comprehensive missions focus of our work to lead members to live out the call of Christ. The WMU Year Book will assist you with an overall look at what will be coming up in WMU so that you can make long-range plans for the year. Missions Leader will assist you with the plans for each month of the church year. It is the easy-to-use planning tool of seasonal annual events (like the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering®, World Hunger, etc.) with specific ideas and theme suggestions to involve the whole church in missions. It is a quarterly loose-leaf, hole-punched resource to help you plan for the mission ahead.

The national WMU website also has great information to assist you and can be found here.

The Missions Link is the South Carolina WMU newsletter and is published six times a year. It is available online or we would be happy to add you to our mailing list. Print and complete the Leadership Card and send us the names of your church leadership team members so they may receive this pertinent information.

For assistance or additional information on church WMU leadership, please contact Sandra Tapp by email or phone - 803.227.6200 (in SC 800.723.7242, ext 8524). 


This website is made possible through the Cooperative Program Ministry and Janie Chapman Offering support of your local church.