The purpose of WMU® in the church is to help involve all members in missions. This includes: preschoolers, children, students, and adults.

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WMU leads people, individually and corporately, to be involved in missions through praying for missions, engaging in mission action and witnessing, learning about missions, supporting missions, developing spiritually toward a missions lifestyle, and participating in the work of the church and the denomination. Through involvement in these missions areas, individuals can grow in their understanding of the Biblical basis of missions and develop a lifelong missions lifestyle. These missions areas are the basis for age-appropriate missions experiences in each WMU age-level organization. Also, they are the basis for WMU sponsored missions for the entire church family. This is known as Churchwide WMU.

The arrangement or pattern for the organization and structure of Woman’s Missionary Union® in a church provides a framework through which leaders and members can work together to accomplish the purpose or objectives of WMU in a church.

The organizational pattern for WMU reflects the following concepts and understandings and is followed in each age-level organization:

  1. the leadership of the Holy Spirit is essential for accomplishing God’s missionary purpose for His church,
  2. organization must contribute to accomplishing the purpose of WMU in a church,
  3. organization should be suited to the needs and situations of churches,
  4. organizational patterns should allow for flexibility and innovation so they can be workable in a variety of situations or adapted to meet developing needs,
  5. organizational patterns should reflect the needs and practices of the cultural make-up of the congregation,
  6. responsibility for fulfilling the purpose and objectives of the organization is to be shared by members and leaders, and
  7. assigning and coordinating responsibilities is essential for doing the work of the organization effectively.

Check out the information on the specific age-level page(s) (see links on the right) in which you are interested.  If you have questions or need additional information, there will be phone and email information of the staff member for you to contact provided on each page.


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