South Carolina WMU offers opportunities for involvement in missions through various partnerships. Partnerships include North American and international missions opportunities.

SC Global Connections

The South Carolina Woman’s Missionary Union is working alongside the South Carolina Baptist Convention Missions Mobilization Group to connect churches with our SC field personnel serving around the world. We are in touch with about 130 families with ties to SC who are serving through the IMB and NAMB. To learn more about why your church should be involved, click here. To get connected, contact SC WMU at 803.227.6205 or

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is now known as the poorest city in North America. And, in addition to many physical needs, there are also numerous spiritual needs. Please pray about what you and your church might do to make a difference in the lives of those living in and around this city. To learn more about our partnership with Detroit, click here.

Nordic Cluster

SC WMU has partnered with missionaries in the Nordic Cluster. Join with us to pray for their needs. 

Team Estonia Prayer Card

Estonia: Please pray that Tom would continue to influence his students for Christ and that relationships with parents and other teachers would flourish. Pray that the international church plant in Estonia would grow. Pray for a new group starting this month, and for at least two more groups to start this year.


Sivonnen Family Prayer Card

Finland: Pray for the healthy growth and influence of Agricola Theological Institute - pastoral/church planting training institute. Also pray for the establishment of a pregnancy crisis center in the Sivonnen's church.


Jessup Family Prayer Card

Iceland: Pray for our Loftstofan Church, our first ever Icelandic Baptist Church, as we as Gunnar Ingi Gunnarson, Svava and Mikael - the pastor and family. Gunnar is praying for 5 churches to engage key areas in Iceland over a five year period. The end goal is to plant self-sustaining churches in those areas. Please pray for the specific communities that God is already at work in and the specific churches that will be willing to take on this very big commitment. 


Mooneys Prayer Card

Latvia: Pray for the church planters and church planting teams that are meeting in Riga and the area surrounding it. There are currently seven such teams and we have some involvement with four of these groups. We hope to be involved in helping to start at least one new group this year. Pray for the church planting team at Pastende and Talsi. This area is about one and one-half hours from where we live in Riga. We are looking for ways to help this team since it is led by two of the students that we have worked with at the Baltic Pastoral Institute. 


Magalhaes Family Prayer Card

Lithuania: Pray for a new church to be planted this year and for a new US partnership to be established. Pray for the National Leaders to be trained and to begin leading a new church plant.


Dove Family Prayer Card

Norway: Please pray for the communities of Tonsberg and Sandefjord. Pray for outreach and the meetings that are taking place in these two communities. Please pray for the several new congregations that have been started in Norway. Also pray for the Norwegian Baptist Association. Membership is growing among immigrants, but declining among nationals. Ask that God would give nationals a heart to know who He is. Please pray for sons, William and Daniel - that William will have boldnesss to stand strong and to share his faith; that Daniel will accept Jesus. We are getting ready to start a new house group in the next few weeks. Ask God to build a strong core group, and to give all of us His vision for this city.


Sweden Couple Prayer Card 


Haney Family Prayer Card

Sweden: Pray for Noble Haney (born March 20) and for Nadia, the first grandbaby Moench/Bray born on Easter! Pray for the church planting network (Dandelion Network) that the Haney's are a part of, and for Eric and Niss as they help lead the network of church planters on the southside of the city. 


Fussell Family Prayer Card


Denmark: Pray for new relationships that are being developed. Pray for creative new avenues by which to develop relationships. Pray for open hearts and conversation that leads to sharing His story. Pray that relationships will remain active, even as the Fussells are on stateside assignment this summer and fall.



For assistance with or more information about partnerships, contact Sandra Tapp by email or phone - 803.227.6200 (in SC 800.723.7242, ext 8524).

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