Health Kits

A tangible way to meet the physical needs of those in your community is through health kits. The health kit should be placed in a 2-gallon zip lock type bag and include the following items:

          1 toothbrush
          1 toothpaste (6 oz.)
          1 soap (4.5 oz. bath size)
          1 washcloth
          1 bath towel
          1 comb

Scriptures and other gospel materials in the appropriate language can be placed in the health kits when distribution occurs. As scripture is shared and the gospel communicated, a meaningful mission support project (one that meets practical, physical needs) becomes a life-impacting mission action project (one that shares the gospel).

Kits are due on various dates in associations and should be dropped off at your local associational office or a neighboring association.

For assistance with or more information about health kits, contact Sandra Tapp by email or phone - 803.227.6200 (in SC 800.723.7242, ext 8524).

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